In-Fill Homes & Carriage Houses

Add Value: Infill Potential With Carriage Houses.


Founded in the belief that homes should be beautiful, functional and ultimately useful, our Prime Habitat team is currently creating a series of quaint, small-footprint homes to help maximize the potential of Kelowna’s under-used properties. Carriage House

Infill housing is the rededication of land in an urban environment to new construction. It could mean adding a carriage house or laneway home to existing home lots, or even adjusting the densification from one larger home to two smaller homes.Carriage House

Taking advantage of the city’s long city lots and zoning changes that allow carriage homes – small, stand-alone dwellings typically built in the rear yard of an existing home – the private, secondary homes can provide homeowners with additional income. For some, these attractive, efficient revenue properties provide nothing short of a life-changing opportunity to own their own home and build for the future, goals that before may have seemed financially out of reach.  

In specific areas of Kelowna, the new RU7 zoning allows between 2-4 units, depending on the width of your lot. You may want to consider redeveloping your property completely. This gives you ultimate flexibility to take full advantage of the RU7 zone without having to work around existing buildings. It also makes site planning and building design easier.

Depending on the lot size, and the homeowner’s wishes, the property can be divided, sold and held under strata title, or kept on a single title with the carriage home as a separate rental “suite” of the main home. 

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In-Fill Homes & Carriage Houses January 13, 2015