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Simpler, More Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Home Just That Much Better!

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There are many different ways to improve the performance and quality of your new home.  Our CODE PLUS  standard improves upon a standard code-built home in simple, cost-effective ways.  By using thoughtful design strategies and improved building assemblies, we can make your home more efficient, comfortable and healthy.  In this video, Mike Banner, president of priMe haBitat Design | Build, shows the assembly in one of our latest "Code-Plus" builds.


What is a Net Zero Energy Home, and how does it differ?  Click HERE   




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Code Plus: 2018 High Performance Build
Energy Modelling
Intello Smart Vapour over our Code-Plus Wall Assembly
Energy Model
Code-Plus Window Install
Green Build Kelowna
Code Plus Home
CODE PLUS HOMES: Design & Build May 11, 2018