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What is a High Performance Home?  And why should I be interested in one?

In a nutshell, High Performance homes are built to a higher standard, and focus on the health, efficiency and the comfort it provides occupants.  They are typically built using higher levels of insulation, triple-paned windows, and advanced heat recovery ventilators (HRV) to reduce energy required for heating and cooling. High-Performance homes offers the occupants a HEALTHY home to live in.  Efficient ways of air-circulation designed into a high-performance home provides constant fresh-air, all controlled by the HRV.  And all using technology and building materials available today!

We invite you to contact us to find out the many varied options and efficiencies we can provide: from simple enhanced wall-assembly design in our "Code-Plus" Homes, all the way up to full Net-Zero Energy Homes and Passive Houses.  

The future of building is here.... now!  

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Healthy Home
2020 Net Zero Home
Net Zero
2020/2021 Net Zero Home Kelowna, BC.
Net Zero Home 2019/20 Design/Build
Net Zero Home 2019 Design/Build
Net Zero
2018 Net Zero Home
Deep Energy Retrofit
2018 Deep Energy Retrofit
Code Plus
2018 CODE-PLUS Build
Passive House Kelowna BC
Solar PV Array: Net Zero Home
Passive House Doors
High Efficiency Doors & Windows
High Performance
Heat-Pump Hot Water Tank
priMe haBitat Design | Build Passive House/Net Zero.
High Efficiency HRV