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Are you considering a sizeable renovation of your older home? If so, it can be a GREAT time to also consider how to improve the efficiency of your home through practical, economical design and build techniques. Consider a “Deep Energy Retrofit” Renovation.

Our Design | Build team can take relatively simple, yet effective steps during the renovation to substantially increase the efficiency of your home, saving you money in ever-increasing energy bills for years to come.  Not only does a deep-energy retrofit renovation reduce your energy foot-print, it also makes your home more comfortable and healthy.  See the video below for a few examples of what we do to make homes more efficient and comfortable!

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Mike Banner, president of priMe haBitat Design | Build explains a few components in this whole-home, deep-energy retrofit renovation in Kelowna, BC.
Energy-efficient renovation
Deep Energy Retrofit: Renovation of 1970's Home
Deep Energy Retrofit Renovation

When you do an energy-efficiency retrofit on your home, you upgrade its energy-consuming systems. Retrofitting may involve improving or replacing lighting fixtures, ventilation systems or windows and doors, or adding insulation where it makes economic sense. It also means including energy efficiency measures in all your renovation and repair activities. 

By investing in retrofits that make your building more energy efficient, you will lower your energy costs, reduce your maintenance requirements, create a more pleasant interior environment for your occupants, increase the value and productivity of your building, and reduce your environmental footprint”.    -Natural Resources Canada